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Charity Discount Policy:  Lake Butler Hospital’s Charity Discount Policy provides those patients presenting in need of medical services who have no third party insurance or other forms of liability coverage and who do not meet the qualifications for other programs, and whose income is less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Limits.  The following patients may be eligible for a charity discount;

  • Under insured patients (i.e. those patients with some type of third party liability coverage for medical treatment, but the coverage is insufficient to satisfy the full amount of outstanding charges).
  • Uninsured patients (i.e. those patients with no third party liability coverage for medical treatment and no financial means to pay the full amount of outstanding charges).

Third party liability is defined as any type of insurance benefits that cover healthcare services (ie, Group Health Insurance, Individual Health Insurance, Supplemental and Secondary Disability and Cancer policies, Workers Compensation Insurance, Automobile Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, etc) or any type of legal action whereby medical expenditures are being claimed as damages.  

In order to qualify under this policy, you must complete a Financial Assistance Application click here.