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CT Scan

The diagnostic imaging professionals with Lake Butler Hospital offer safe and convenient radiology services at our critical access hospital on an outpatient, inpatient, and emergency basis. The advanced imaging technology within our hospital involves 60% less radiation exposure than typical scanners found in other hospitals and provides our physicians with a pathway to effective diagnoses and treatments for patients who suffer from a range of medical conditions. Our hospital combines diagnostic expertise with innovative imaging technology to leverage the benefits of this valuable medical tool and provide patients with compassionate care and reliable, timely results. A CT scan may be performed with contrast, a medical dye that highlights areas within images, and administered in several methods, such as intravenous therapy (IV).

What Is A CT Scan?

A computerized tomography scan (CT scan), or computerized axial tomography scan (CAT scan), combines digital data from several X-rays to produce a highly detailed image of structures within the body, such as the bones, the blood vessels, and the soft tissues. These computerized X-ray imaging procedures are used to generate cross-sectional, 2- and 3-dimensional images of a section or a slice of the body, also known as tomographic images. The scanner emits a series of narrow radiation beams through the human body, and it can detect hundreds of different degrees of density to produce images of tissues within a solid human organ. Physicians, then, analyze these images to identify organs, disease, and abnormalities within the patient’s body.

What Are CT Scans Used To Analyze?

With the use of the SOMATOM® go. CT scanner, our physicians provide patients with outstanding medical diagnostic care by integrating even the most complex exams into daily practice and by offering routine screening for efficient detection of lung cancer, angiography, neurological issues, and more. The technological advancements integrated into our scanning equipment offer mobile operation for faster results that benefit our practitioners and patients. Your physician may recommend a CT scan for the following reasons:

  • Detect and monitor diseases and conditions, such as heart disease, liver masses, and cancer
  • Compare with previous scans for identification of changes in size or scope of an abnormality
  • Diagnose disorders within the muscles and bones
  • Assess the effectiveness of medical treatment
  • Identify the exact location of a tumor, a blood clot, an infection, or another type of abnormality
  • Guide surgical procedures, biopsies, and radiation therapy, among other treatments
  • Detect internal injuries and internal bleeding
  • Monitor the progression of a disease or condition

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Imaging-Outpatient Services

The high-performance CT scanner used within our radiology department is manufactured by SIEMENS Healthineers. Gantry-integrated computers within the SOMATOM® go. allow for flexible scanning location for patients with outpatient, inpatient, and emergency medical requirements. CT scans typically are a scheduled procedure based upon the instructions of the patient’s physician.

Results of all tests are sent directly to physicians. All X-rays and ultrasounds, excluding echocardiograms, will be resulted in the same day, and stat orders are accepted. Our Radiology Technologists are licensed and certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, and exams are interpreted by board-certified radiologists.