Lake Butler Hospital’s Friends of Families Respite Care Program provides a great opportunity for caretakers or family members to attend holiday festivities, take a vacation, or just spend an afternoon shopping without worrying about the care of their loved ones.

  • Perhaps a caretaker just needs a break from the day-to-day responsibilities.
  • Your loved one will be considered a guest at LBH, and will be given round-the-clock care and attention.
  • Upon arrival at LBH a guest registration will be completed by a registered nurse that will ask pertinent questions regarding medications, activities of daily living and other personal needs.
  • Guests must bring their own medications and medical supplies needed for their care.
  • The Respite Care Program at LBH should not be confused with an admission to the hospital requiring the services of a physician, although medical care is certainly available through the emergency room if the need arises.

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover any respite care. LBH charges a daily fee based on the level of care required ranging from Level I (minimal care) to Level V (complete care).

The friendly, professional staff of LBH helps you take the break you deserve!

Level I

$701-4 Hours
  • and $9 per hour thereafter*

Level II

$801-4 Hours
  • and $13 per hour thereafter*

Level III

$901-4 Hours
  • and $17 per hour thereafter*

Level IV

$1001-4 Hours
  • and $21 per hour thereafter*

Level V

$1101-4 Hours
  • and $25 per hour thereafter*

*If your loved one has Alzheimer’s or advanced dementia, please call (386) 496-2323 ext. 239 or 0 to determine if additional care may be required.